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Free Peyote Stitch Patterns: Beading Q And A (9/30/2011)

2011 September 30

Maria asks…

Peyote Stitch

Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitches? Bump bracelet/stitch?

I saw this bracelet that was really pretty and they called it the bump bracelet. I wanna know how to make it. It is a type of peyote stitch. It is really pretty. It looks “bumpy.

So if anyone could help me by giving me a tutorial or something on it I would really appreciate it… Thanx

BeadGal answers:

Hi – I’ve made those bracelets – It’s easy – It’s all peyote stitch – even count. By changing the size of the beads you create the ‘bumps’ . Start with size 11/0 seed beads and stitch a section 10 beads wide and about 1 inch long then change to size 8/o beads for 2 or 3 rows then one row of size 6/0, then back to the 8/0 and back to the 11/0. Keep repeating that until your bracelet is as long as you’d like. Keep the tension on your thread fairly tight – I used Nymo size D.

Laura asks…

Peyote vs brick stitch in beading?

Hello Guys and Girls!
I am new to beading and although I already know these two-peyote and brick stitches- I cannot figure what’s the difference in the areas of use. When it’s better to use peyote and when-brick stitch?
Thank you!

BeadGal answers:

For the most part it comes down to what you prefer. They both give you a similar look. The biggest difference would be that in peyote you get a more fluid piece of bead “fabric,” whereas with brick stitch you will have a stiffer piece.

I know many artists, including myself, who will start a piece in one and finish it in the other, they are pretty interchangeable.

Ruth asks…

Is this a peyote stitch bracelet?

The rainbow one, not the buttons.

And this?*01.png

What’s the diff between brick and peyote?

BeadGal answers:

The the first one looks like it might be brick stitch or peyote stitch. It’s hard to tell. The second one looks like peyote.

Helen asks…

What kind of stitch is this bracelet, and how could I make it?

I used to know how to make bracelets like this, but I can’t remember now. Is it a peyote stitch? Thanks! (picture no longer available)

BeadGal answers:

I think the bracelet is made with Square stitch which is a bead weaving technique that looks like loom work. It may actually be loom work, since it is sewed around leather strings or elastic thread. Any way, you can make it with Square stitch pretty easily. This page will show you how, in case you don’t remember how to do it. Http://

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