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Jewelry Making Supplies: Beading Q And A (9/9/2011)

2011 September 9

Linda asks…

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry making supplies?

I just recently discovered that I love making necklaces. Does anyone know a website that sells clasps, beads, charms, etc.. in bulk? Also, a site that their supplies are different and unique.

Being decently priced wouldn’t hurt either…

BeadGal answers:

I like Fire Mountain Gems. They also have useful info, a gallery of designs, tools and how-to videos.

The more you buy the better the price break. Only $5 shipping, regardless of size of order!

The only other place I get some supplies from, because they had something I couldn’t find elsewhere, is Oriental Trading company. But they don’t have too many items in a pack.

Helen asks…

Where to buy Jewelry making supplies online?

I love making my own jewelry, but I’m looking for a website that has a variety of interesting beads, as most of my stuff is just made of plain glass beads. I’m also looking for somewhere to buy things like simple rings or earrings to decorate.

I often go to the button factory in my city and get cute and interesting buttons and use them in my jewelry, and I know this is a separate question, but is it alright to sell things like this on websites for handmade jewelry? Or does it not count since I didn’t really make the buttons and beads myself? I just put them together.

BeadGal answers:

Yes, you can sell your creations made from purchased beads. I have three favorite sources, plus the eBay beads section. For metals and wire and such, I use the Santa Fe Jewelers Supply. For beads, I use Fire Mountain Gems. For some beads, leather, some findings, and whatever interesting stuff they happen to have at the moment, I use the 8Season wholesale site. All three of these are wholesalers, but do not require a resale license.

Carol asks…

Where can I find GOOD jewelry making supplies CHEAP?

I need clasps and beads and things.

BeadGal answers:

You can find very nice jewelry making supplies at Michael’s crafts. They are a higher end craft store that specializes in a lot of wedding + event crafts. This makes the jewelry very very nice looking.

Sharon asks…

Quality and decently priced place to buy Jewelry Making Supplies?

Something along the lines of different types of beads and stones, some nice white gold necklaces etc…

I have a concern about lead though, I noticed a bunch of warnings on this site about lead in Swarovski jewelry.

Like this:

I’m looking for a heart shape like this but am only coming up with that brand with the warning. I don’t care if I have to pay more.

BeadGal answers:

This website is the best place I’ve found to buy jewelry making supplies (to answer the first part of your question!):

I am having trouble finding that exact heart style, but what you are looking for is going to be quartz crystal or “non leaded crystal.” Leaded crystal, like Swaroski, sparkle more than other crystal. They add lead to increase the sparkle.

This website has some more info on the lead in Swarovski: In particular, the State of California has issued an overly broad requirement for product warnings on anything containing lead – this link explains that requirement and a statement from Swarovski about the lead in their products.

Mary asks…

How much does it cost for all the supplies for making resin Jewelry ?

What exactly would I need ?

BeadGal answers:

It really depends on how much you want to spend. You can find decent resin at the craft store for as little as $10. You will need the resin, plastic molds and your decorative item.

My best resin jewelry sellers are bracelets and necklaces. I have plastic candy molds in all kinds of shapes and sizes that I bought at yard sales. I use “found” objects like lego blocks, cool looking leaves I find on the ground, monopoly pieces, neat pieces off of old earrings etc. The number of things you can suspend in resin is limitless! Right now I am having a ball with dead japanese beetles that killed off my holly hocks and roses.

So to answer your original question, you can get started on less than $20.

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