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Free Friendship Bracelet Patterns: Beading Q And A (9/21/2011)

2011 September 21

Jenny asks…

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

What are some different friendship bracelet patterns, & how do I do them?

I want to make a few friendship bracelets, & I only know how to do the spiral. I would like to know how to make them with different patterns, but not too hard. Any website suggestions?

BeadGal answers:

This seems to be a pretty neat website. The knotting tutorials for beginners are listed as such:

And there are lots and lots of patterns.

Lizzie asks…

What are some websites that have instructions on how to make different friendship bracelet patterns?

I want to know how to make friendship bracelets but I can’t find a website that teaches you how. I have a book but the patterns are kind of boring. I know how to make a basic knot/design but I want to know how to make cooler ones. anyone know a website I can go to?

BeadGal answers:

Get a friendship wheel – here’s a web site that helps you design your own patterns using one:

Helen asks…

Someone help me with Friendship Bracelet patterns. I need an Opel sign or a car as pattern!?

I would like to make a present for my boyfriend, he has an Opel car. I’d like to make a bracelet with Opel sign, or a car on it, but I didn’t find any patterns like this. Can you help me?

BeadGal answers:

Here are the links I have found so far and hopefully you can find something in one of them. Maybe you can find a picture of the front of the car and make a copy of the logo.


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