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Steampunk Jewelry: Beading Q And A (9/19/2011)

2011 September 19

Lisa asks…

Steampunk Jewelry by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Jewelry by Daniel Proulx

Where can I find materials for making steampunk jewelry?

In particular I would like some necklace chains, watch movements and a tiny propellor, and I don’t want to order online.

BeadGal answers:

Thrift stores and garage sales.

Look through the costume jewelry for cheap chains. You can actually make a chain yourself, starting with wire and pliers. Check through (directed at chainmail hobbyists) for more than you ever wanted to know about making chains from scratch.

Depending on what sizes you want, most analog watches and clocks still have assorted gears to make the hands rotate at the right relative speeds. These days, a lot of those gears are going to be plastic, but that is what gold paint is for. Wind-up toys and wind-up flashlights also tend to have a lot of small, plastic gears in them, and they may be cheaper than watches and clocks. If you’re covering a plastic part, remember to use paint formulated to stick to plastic, such as model paint.

For the propeller, see if you can find a toy or model airplane to dismantle. Or, see if any local hobby shops carry model airplanes or helicopters and could sell you just the part. Another possibility, it being summer in the northern hemisphere, is to look for little personal-cooling doodads (squirt bottles, hats) with miniature fans in them.

Mandy asks…

What are some good UK online and high street stores that I can buy cheap steampunk gear from?

And I mean anything steampunk– jewellery, clothing accessories, crafting parts, you name it, I want to know where to get it!

Betty asks…

How to promote Steampunk jewellery/goggles?

I have a blog, deviantart, flickr and have promoted my stuff on mookychick. Any other websites where I could whore my stuff out? (i’m a udent!) Many thanks 😀

BeadGal answers:

Sandy asks…

Can someone direct me to a website that features offbeat jewelry designs?

I’m thinking of a jewelry design that combines steampunk and the use of precious stones.

BeadGal answers:

Your best bets are:




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