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Beading Q And A: Swarovski crystals (8/12/2011)

2011 August 12

Carol asks…

Is the lead in Swarovski crystals dangerous?

Swarovski Crystals

Variety of Swarovski Crystals

I want to purchase some Swarovski crystal beading stuff (beads, pendants, and pearls) and all the things have a warning at the bottom of the webpage that says something about the crystals made by Swarovski have small amounts of lead in them because it makes the edges sharp and precise and it makes them sparkle more and to wash hands after handling and never eat them(duh). But is this dangerous? I’ve been on plenty of websites that sell the same Swarovski crystal stuff and never come across a warning like this! Will it hurt me to make and wear Swarovski jewelry?? I’m so confused! How much lead does it take to give you lead poisioning? What happens to a person who gets it?

BeadGal answers:

That sounds like a warning out of California. Any amount of lead will receive that warning. Many glues, paints, and plates get that warning.

Swarovski crystals would contain lead but unless you plan on grinding up a couple handfuls and eating them there shouldn’t be a problem.

California and its Proposition 65 slaps warning labels on everything that contains even the slightest trace amounts of lead.


Mary asks…

Where can I get tiny Swarovski crystals to make Pave beads?

Where can I get these Swarovski crystals?

BeadGal answers:

You can get them from almost any bead selling website. They are called ‘flat back’ and sometimes ‘pave’ crystals. I found some here:

They are pretty readily available but unfortunately are usually expensive.

Susan asks…

Swarovski Crystal Hearts + Findings?

I have got some 10mm Swarovski Crystal Hearts I want to make them in to little pendants. What kind of finding do I need to use (Bead Clamps? Bail)? And what size?
They do have a hole drilled from front to back.

BeadGal answers:

If they have a hole drilled from front to back you can get a pinch bail, or a jump ring. If the hole goes from top to bottom you will need an head pin and pliers to bend the end into a loop and clip off the extra.

If you have a bead store you can go to. Take the charm with you and ask the people there to help find a bail or head pin.

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