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Beading Q And A: Swarovski Crystal Questions (8/5/2011)

2011 August 5

Betty asks…

Where can I find Swarovski crystals beads dealer?

I like to do business using Swarovski beads, but I can’t find anywhere in the net or yellow pages as to where to find a dealer, agent or wholesaler. The ones that I went to mark their prices real high.

BeadGal answers:

Sharon asks…

What does CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements mean?

I keep seeing that everywhere, and I’m confused, are the beads really Swarovski crystal beads, or are they fake ones, because I find myself not buying some beads because it says that, and I’m not sure what it means.

Sandy asks…

Will you help me name a business starting with the word, “crystal”?

I make jewelry incorporating glass beads, Czech beads, Swarovski crystal beads and freshwater pearls. I’d like to start a business calling it “crystal” something. Do you have any suggestions that would make it sound cute or whatever. Thank you ever so much.?

BeadGal answers:

Crystal Blue Persuasion
Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Magic
Crystal Beads
Crystal Love
Crystal Beads
Crystal Clear Beads
Crystal Rainbow
Ocean Crystals
Crystal Treasures
Crystal Creations
Crystal Clear
Crystal Garden
Crystal Palace
Crystal Treasure
Crystal Rain

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