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Beading Q And A: Steampunk Jewelry (8/8/2011)

2011 August 8

Susan asks…

Steampunk Jewelry by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Jewelry by Daniel Proulx

Are there any online or actual stores that sell steampunk jewelry, accessories or clothing?

BeadGal answers:

Well I would suggest searching Etsy for all things steampunk:


Linda asks…

Any ideas on where I can get parts to make steampunk jewelry?

I’m making jewelry for a steampunk outfit and… I’ve reached a bit of a dead end.

After taking apart my watch, I’m in desperate need of places to find–

— A glass vial; a tiny vial with a cork and such. (I never thought that would be so hard to find…)
— Clock parts; I can’t find an antique store that sells more than good luck charms and doilies. (-_-U)
— Old fashioned jewelry; for a base to add / take things off for my own ends.
— … any ideas on other things I might need and where to get them? xD

Sorry if the question’s a bit confusing… I just realized that I added more than one…

But thank you for any answers / assistance.

BeadGal answers:

Check out the local hardware stores – look at the brass and bronze-looking nuts and bolts, etc.

Also, check out thrift shops for old old old typewriters, phones, etc, you can take apart.

Lisa asks…

What materials do I need in order to make jewelry?

Specifically, I would like to begin to make Steampunk style jewelry. I know that, of course, I’ll need things like necklace chains, the little gear and clock parts (for example), etc.

But I need to know what I would need to actually put these things together. Also, how much would they cost? Where could I find these things?

BeadGal answers:

There is some information on basic jewelry making here:

Steampunk is a type of wire jewelry, there’s some info on that, but it’s not specific to steampunk, so you may need more info as well. But at least it may start you off.

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