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Beading Q And A: Jewelry Making Ideas (8/26/2011)

2011 August 26

Sandra asks…

Selling Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

How much would you pay for a custom-made necklace?

made of plastic or semi-precious beads?

BeadGal answers:

Depends on what kind of stones and how they are arranged but I’ve seen them sell for around 5-10 dollars. It depends on who you are marketing them to.

Susan asks…

Where can I buy wholesale beads, eye pins and head pins?

I’m looking for inexpensive beads for earrings and 1″ eye and head pins. I can’t find a good website though. The beads should be glass or semi-precious gemstones or crystal. Thanks for the help!

BeadGal answers:

I love Fire Mountain Gems for their huge selection, great prices, and assortability. Also, Rio Grande is good too. Both give you discounts the more you order.

Linda asks…

I need advice on making Buddha/Mala beads?

I’ve started with bracelets of 27 beads. What is a cost effective way to buy semi-precious stones? I’ve looked at bead stores over the internet but it doesn’t say how many are in a strand. Is it OK to mix stones with sandalwood? There is a huge hobby store near my house. Should I get them there?

BeadGal answers:

That depends on what kind of “semi-precious stones” you have in mind (I assume you mean actual beads-with-holes too, not just stones). They come in various sizes, qualities, shapes, etc., both online and at various craft or other stores.

One way to get them more cheaply is to buy old jewelry at thrift stores and garage or estate sales, then take them apart for the beads (and findings, etc).

And if you’re thinking of wood beads, one trick is to buy those old car seat pads made of hundreds of those beads, then take it apart and use the beads.

Another thing to consider though is that most any kinds of semi-precious stones can be created quite convincingly with polymer clay–using various techniques and sometimes a bit of other materials.
Some of the possibilities would be turquoise, jade, amber, coral, pearl, abalone, ivory, and more… As well as “stone” and rock of all kinds, wood, leather, metals, etc. The “faux” clay can be shaped into beads, chips, or even little sculpts, etc, before hardening.

If you’re interested in lessons/examples/etc, check out these polymer clay pages:–many.htm–turquoise_wood.htm

Sandy asks…

What sort of jewelry do you like? I am thinking of starting my own jewelry business


Semi precious stones – coral, Amber, Amethyst
Cubic Zirconia
Glass – Dichroic

Big and Chunky
Medium size
Small and Delicate

Also would you buy jewelry off the internet on a proper website or only in a shop?

Please tell me about any other jewelry you like that I have not mentioned.

BeadGal answers:

Everyone’s tastes are so different, it’s hard to base what you should make on what 1 or 5 or 100 people like. I think you need to make what YOU love and are talented working with. If you try to make what you think others will like, your love and passion will not shine through like it would if you are working with a material you love. I would suggest you pay attention to what the current and forecasted trends and colors are and what be, and make sure you incorporate some of that into what you are making. Look at what the stores are selling, look at what the designers are accessorizing with on the runways, etc.

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