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Beading Q And A: Cheapest Swarovski Crystals (8/22/2011)

2011 August 22

Mary asks…

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals

Best place to buy Swarovski?

Swarovski crystals online? I am buying per 144 pack and I am looking for the best prices. Anyone that can help it would be very appreciated.

PS. I have looked on, and they are still too high. I need to buy a lot of these so I need them to be cheap :)

BeadGal answers: has the best prices. What about when you buy with the Quantity discount? The more you buy the more you save and $5.00 flat shipping ;)))

I would try – I have found they have great prices also – and their discounts grow with the amount you spend. They carry a lot of Swarovski’s.

Helen asks…

Swarovski crystal AB or crystal clear? Please help me decide!!?

Which would look better on this design?? Swarovski crystal AB or crystal clear??
My friend says the crystal ab looks cheap :( Whereas the clear one looks more expensive diamond like! But I kinda like the rainbow effect of AB. makes the ice cream look more yummy.
(in the pic is using crystal clear)

BeadGal answers:

I think you like the AB one so get it! There is nothing wrong with asking your friend’s opinion, but you should get what you want and what you will like. You have to live with it.

Lisa asks…

How do I make jewelry?

I want to make some jewelry like Kiki Kannibal. With the Swarovski crystals. And I need to know how to do it, what materials I should use. And where to get the crystals.  I want to make jewelry like her, but different styles and cheaper.

BeadGal answers:

You could try to find out classes near you, if there are any. Or visit Jewelry Making – They have projects, tips, and links for beginners and more advanced jewelry-makers.

Also this site for buying the parts you will need – Craft Jewelry Supplies – Buy beads, crystals and jewellery components at – making it easier to buy beads online.

Sandra asks…

Swarovski Crystal Necktie?

Maybe you’s could help me out, I wanna wear one of those Swarovski necktie’s for new years eve, but can’t seem to find them, tried Google, Ebay, and the ones I did find look sort of cheap? Would you know where to find them at, They run from $300, to $2,500. but I cant seem to find the real ones. PLEASE HELP!!!

BeadGal answers:

Go to the Swarovski online site.
Then put in you’re country.
And go to the store finder.
Good Luck.

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