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Beading Q And A: Beading Patterns (8/15/2011)

2011 August 15

Ruth asks…

Bead Pattern ExampleWhere can I find free software for designing bead patterns?

I am looking for a free program that will let me design bead patterns for a bead loom. I don’t want a demo and I need to be able to save and print. I have been told that some cross stitch programs will work but haven’t found one yet.

BeadGal answers:

Try EasyBeadPatterns:
Or BeadTool – it’s not free, but it has more functions:
There is an online site that will convert your photo to a bead pattern, or crochet, knitting or cross stitch:

Lizzie asks…

I need help finding a peyote seashell or other beach related bead patterns?

I am looking for a pattern for a peyote-stitch seashell and/or other beach-related item(s), about 1-3 inches in diameter. Do you know where to find one?

BeadGal answers:

I would definitely check – they have the most bead patterns of any web site.

Mary asks…

How do you make a beaded ball (peyote stitch)?

I want to make a beaded human but I am stuck on how to do the head (ball)… Can anyone give me instructions to make a beaded peyote stitch ball and/or a website that gives instructions to make a beaded person?

BeadGal answers:

This is a rather drawn out technique, so a play by play here would be tedious. If you know the basics of peyote, begin with a band around the center of a bead or ball in the size you need and use tubular peyote decreasing as needed to conform to your base. I know this is oversimplified, but if you’re comfortable with peyote, it’s actually quite easy to cover a round form.

Here is a YouTube video that should help you:

Here’s a written tutorial with a few links to others, also:

Good luck and happy beading!

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