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Beading Q And A: Seed Bead Patterns (7/4/2011)

2011 July 4

Betty asks…

Is there a specific term for a picture made out of seed beads?

There are websites like and whatnot that sell beading patterns–what colors you should use, whether the pattern is for a loom/square or peyote stitch–but my question is, what is the term for these already-created pieces of art? Is there a term for them?

BeadGal answers:

“Bead weaving” art

Helen asks…

What are some good beading websites?

I want to learn the peyote stitch and would like some new bead loom patterns…Help please…

BeadGal answers:

My favorite is, with some free and a lot of paid patterns.

I also recommend

And you can’t beat free:

Ruth asks…

How do I Peyote stitch??

I really want to learn how to peyote stitch. All of the instructions I have searched confuse me! Does anyone have any instructions that you think will be a little less confusing? Or if you do do you have any suggestions for beading patterns?? Also what kind of string do you prefer to use when working with bead needlework patterns??

BeadGal answers:

I have done the Peyote stitch. It is quite easy once you get the first row started. For starters, try using a large flat seed bead, they will lay better and you’ll be able to see your pattern easier.

I like using fishing line you buy at a sports shop. The 6 or 8 lb. Weight is sufficient to do a multitude of beading work. I use the transparent line because it fades into the beading work, or if you are using dark colors, the “smoke” color is great. I recommend the Fireline brand.

Some people learn by seeing it done, while others can read instructions on how to do a particular stitch. The Peyote stitch is not something that ordinarily would be taught to the general public at a craft store. It is usually done by beaders who seek a little more complicated, sophisticated look to their work. Go to an independent bead store to see if they have classes and if so, they probably teach it. If not, ask if there is a local beading guild, or, ask them if they have an experienced beader that will teach the peyote stitch.

If you have no luck there, try searching for videos on the Internet. You may be able to learn it that way.

Lisa asks…

Anyone know where to find patterns to make Native American earrings?

I like the brick stitch style with the bugle beads as the base row, any help would be appreciated

BeadGal answers:

Found this one (free instruction for making the brick stitch style earring).

You may be able to lay out a pattern with different colors if you do not want to use all one color.

Brick stitch pattern for sale (pdf download):

This site has lots of pictures of earring for sale (if interested).

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