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Beading Q And A: Jewelry Making (7/15/2011)

2011 July 15

Sharon asks…

Jewelry making?

What are the basic tools you need to start making jewelry especially beaded jewelry? Are there any websites that list the tools? Not websites that sell just looking for ones that list the stuff you need.

BeadGal answers:

Tools required depend on the variety of beadwork. For general bead-stringing, I’d suggest getting a pair of “Rosary Pliers”. This item combines round-nose, square-nose & diagonal cutters in a single tool. Otherwise, get all three. If you’re going to secure items with “crimp beads”, you’ll need crimping pliers. I don’t use crimp beads so I don’t generally recommend them. It’s just a personal preference.

For counted beadwork, like loomed work, needles, threaders & magnification are the basic tools.

For opening and closing split rings, it’s handy to have two pairs of pliers or hemostats – saves fingernails.

Donna asks…

Jewelry making?

I love making jewelry, and I’m good at it. but since I’m 15, people think I’m a little kid, and making jewelry wont get me anywhere. Is there anywhere i can sell homemade jewelry? Or have have any tips…

BeadGal answers:

You could set up at local flea markets or go to a local art store and ask permission to sell them there. There is also eBay. Two of my aunts are jewelry designers and started distribution by sending their home made creations to everyone in the family. From there they gave to co workers, friends, and anyone who was interested. Now one of them is going full time in order to sell.

Mandy asks…

Jewelry Making?

For those of you who know, what would I need to start making my own jewelry? What are some of the basic tools and wire and other such things?

BeadGal answers:

I started making my own jewelry in February. I bought a whole metric boatload of stuff and have been having fun ever since.

What I got:

Pliers/tools – ergonomic is best:

Round nose (for making loops out of wire)
Chain nose (for general gripping)
Crimping pliers
Flush cutters (for a flat cut)
Tigertail cutters (don’t use regular cutters on tigertail/acculon)

Findings and other parts:

jump rings
earring findings (french hooks, leverbacks, studs)
crimp beads
beading wire (Accu-flex, tigertail, Beadalon, etc.)

and beads, beads, beads. I have gone to several bead shows and picked up lots for good prices, but you can also go to craft stores and look online on webs tores and eBay. Here is one of the best sites out there:

You don’t need a wholesale license or tax certificate to take advantage of the great prices, and there are great tutorials there. Also try:

Maria asks…

What metals are best for jewelry making?

I would like to know what metals are best to use for jewelry making in terms of lifespan, safety, and not discolouring etc. Many thanks!
I know to avoid lead, nickel and tibetan silver. Are there any other similar metals to avoid?

BeadGal answers:

Many people make jewelry from silver wire, it’s easy to come by, not too expensive (in terms of jewelry) and easy to handle. You can find it in different girths and add beads and other items. With silver being a precious metal it’s easier to promote your pieces afterwards.

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