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Beading Q And A: Gemstone Beads (7/8/2011)

2011 July 8

Helen asks…

semi-precious beadsAnyone know of a reputable semi-precious gemstone bead supplier in Jaipur, India?

I’m looking for silver beads and semi-precious gemstone beads, such as tanzanite, tourmaline, citrine, and amethyst, in shapes such as faceted rounds, briolettes, and cubes. Can any of you recommend a *specific* supplier in Jaipur, India?…someone whom you trust and who has a good selection and is available by email.

I will not be able to go there myself and shop around, so I need to be able to select items from a website or email them a list of things I want. My relative will go by Jaipur and pick up my order in a few weeks.

BTW, I’m making jewelry which I will sell, and I’ll donate all profits to a charity in South India. I hope my idea works! Thanks for reading!

BeadGal answers:

I have friends that have been going to India for 7 years. They buy sterling silver jewelry (most with semi-precious stones) and handicrafts.

To tell you the truth I would not buy jewelry or stones via e-mail. My friends handpick every piece they buy. Over time they learned who has the good stuff and who to stay away from. They generally buy from the smaller jewelers and many do, to get the quality and designs they want. None of them as far as I know do much business via the Internet. Do a Google search under “Jaipur jewelry” and you will see some rather large companies that export.

And if anyone recommends somebody, ask them.”Have you actually bought from these people?” Talk is very cheap in the importing business!

My friends have some contacts in Delhi who are very trustworthy but they sell antiques, raw lapis, replica tribal jewelry….Delhi especially Parahagange (a large market where many westerners stay) is full of wholesale jewelers and often their price is better than Jaipur.

Sandy asks…

I need gemstone – stone beads that have holes over 2mm?

I need hopefully carved gemstone or semi-precious beads of 10mm or larger that have holes of 2mm and are economical. A couple dollars a strand would be great. Can anyone help?

BeadGal answers:

Here’s someone making 12mm semi-precious bead with 4mm holes:

You also might look at large hole beads that fit Pandora and Troll style bracelets. Many of them are starting to include semi-precious or semi-precious look beads.

Mary asks…

Where can I purchase large pieces of semi-precious stones to make jewelry with online?

I’ve seen a lot of websites that sell beads and cabachons but i need larger pieces to carve

BeadGal answers:

Definitely on Ebay – type in exactly the type of semi-precious stone you are looking for, you will be amazed what you will find.

Nancy asks…

Where are the best places to purchase beads directly from manufacturers?

Beads, Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Stones, Glass Beads, Bali Silver and everything related to beading.

BeadGal answers:
They will also send you a free catalog

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