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Beading Q And A: Free Beading Patterns (7/29/2011)

2011 July 29

Linda asks…

Free beading patterns?

My boyfriends mother got me hooked on beading. We live in a kinda small town and there is only one bead studio here, and they don’t have many patterns. Does anyone know of any good sites with free beading patterns online to make bracelets and necklaces? I’ve tried looking and haven’t found many things that are what I am looking for, and I’m mainly finding knitting things and beading not involving necklaces or bracelets. If you could help me, it would be great! Thanks!

BeadGal answers:

You can find them in beading magazines as well as pattern books at WalMart and Michaels and Hobby Lobby..they are online as well

Try the following links:

Those ought to get you started…and you can research more from those

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find flower and bug beading patterns?

I need to make a stockpile of ornaments for this year’s xmas tree and I am having trouble finding patterns for things like beaded dragonflies, spiders, butterflies, flowers lady bugs and so on. Please help! Any patterns are appreciated!

BeadGal answers:

Here’s a site with some great 3-D animals, characters, etc., made with crystals:

Jenny asks…

Where can I get Hot Fix or beading patterns to make designs for a shirt?

One that I am looking for is a Dachshund hot fix pattern.
Free down loadable ones would be great.

Thanks for your help.

BeadGal answers:

These sites should help:

Lisa asks…

Where can I find free bead art beading patterns to download from the internet?


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