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Beading Q And A: Free Beaded Jewelry Designs (7/18/2011)

2011 July 18

Jenny asks…

Do you know any sites with free designs for beaded jewelry?

Mandy asks…

Any websites for jewelry designs?

I’m looking for websites that show you how to make jewelry with beads, wire,. . . step by step.

BeadGal answers:

Here’s a list of sites to get you started. You may have to enter the keywords [eg. Beaded jewelery, etc] in their search box because many of the sites have a lot of other activities too. Some of the links provided are for video demos.

Betty asks…

Any good designs for a beaded choker necklace that I can make myself?

I make my own jewelry, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good designs for a choker necklace? Something on the fancier side, netted maybe.

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