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Beading Q And A: Bead Embroidery (7/1/2011)

2011 July 1

Maria asks…

How can I make embroidery floss friendship bracelets with fish in the pattern?

I want to make some cool friendship bracelets with fish in them, but I don’t know how! Anyone have any FREE patterns with fish in them? It has to be with embroidery floss (thread) and no beads.

BeadGal answers:

Try this website. There’s tutorials that teach you how to make the bracelets:


Here’s some fish patterns:

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find free beaded embroidery techniques?


Sandra asks…

Where can I get embroidery materials like beads, threads, paints etc at whole sale price in Bangalore?

Hi. I have newly moved to Bangalore. I am about to start a new retail shop. I need a supplier who can give me embroidery items, pot painting materials, nib painting materials and fabric paintings etc.. at wholesale price. It would be great even they could supply plain Sarees.
Thank you…

BeadGal answers:

Here’s a list of manufacturers and wholesalers in India:

And a list of embroidery suppliers:

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