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Miyuki Announces 30 New Tila Colors This Fall (6/22/2011)

2011 June 22

Miyuki Sample Card New Tila ColorsMiyuki has announced 30 new colors for their Tila beads. They are almost all nice bright colors, too. When the Tila beads first came out last year, I was not initially very interested as the colors were all browns and blacks and whites, etc. I tend to like purples, pinks, blues and teals. I finally made a bracelet just a few days with the Matte Antique Copper, which I mixed with purples.

Bead stores are starting to get sample cards, and I was able to get a small image of one. I went to the Miyuki site hoping to get a PDF, but they only had a Flash browser of their sample cards. Somehow, I was able to “print” a PDF of the flash page showing the sample card – it’s not great as it captured some of the Flash overlay, but it does show all the colors bigger. You can view it here.

These new colors are expected to be out in September 2011. Hopefully, your local bead store will have them sometime this fall.

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