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Beading Q And A: Misc. Questions (6/13/2011)

2011 June 13

Donna asksā€¦

Which bead stitch is best for making a 3D sculpture?

which stitch would be the sturdiest to hold the sculpture up with beading wire? How can I create a sphere out of beading stitches? Thanks! šŸ˜€

BeadGal answers:

You can do a simple peyote stitch and attach that to a ball that you make out of fabric. Or just put the beads directly onto the wire and bend into any shape you want. Here is one that has a fabric ball for a head, just wire for the fingers, and a martini glass for a body.


Linda asksā€¦

Should I use the embroidery hoop when stitching on beads?

I’m finishing up a cross-stitching project. All I have left is to put on little beads. Should I use the embroidery hoop to keep the cloth taut like normal? My concern is that the hoop will mess up the beads when it’s time to adjust it and move on to a different part of the piece.

Thank you!

BeadGal answers:

Asking my husband who is an avid cross-stitcher. He says: “I don’t like to use a hoop when beading for that very reason. I just sew them on with the fabric loose and I try not to sew too tightly. I don’t like long floats of thread across the back so I finish up one group of beads, back stitch to knot the thread, cut it an move on to the next bunch. For straight rows I just try to keep from pulling the thread too tight between beads across the back so the row doesn’t become rippled.” I hope that made sense as I am not a cross stitcher, but I do like the things he makes and i think they look good.

Lisa asksā€¦

looking for free bead patterns featuring celtic style faeries?

i can do most styles of beading, prefer brick stitch, goth style art, also seeking UK style dragon patterns.

BeadGal answers:

I don’t know where you can find free ones, but here are some you can buy

You can make patterns by drawing what you want on graph paper.

Jenny asksā€¦

What kind of technique or stitch I can use to make a seed bead bracelet with a name on it?

I need to find tutorials too.

BeadGal answers:

You can weave a bracelet made of beads using a loom. Make the design on graph paper to include the letters in the name. Here are instructions to make and use a loom for a piece like a bracelet:

Here’s another on how to use a loom for beading:

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