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Beading Q And A: Making and Selling Jewelry (6/24/2011)

2011 June 24

Lisa asks…

Beaded jewelry patterns or ideas?

I love to make jewelry and am planning on selling some. If I have materials and good direction I can make anything. Does anyone have any patterns for any size seed/e-bead(not sure what I have)? I have looked everywhere can on Google and continue to see the same things. I have the following things:

glass beadsdifferent colored glass beads, ebeads seed beads, faceted beads, bugle beads, beading wire, ribbon to put beads with larger holes on, all the tools I need, and jewelry findings.

Please contribute sites or anything free! Also feel free to post your own ideas even if they are just inspiration for a pattern.

BeadGal answers:

Visit your local craft store and look for the monthly magazines. They offer many projects that include a supply list and good directions. Some stores offer beading classes as well. I understand that you are familiar with basic beading, but classes will offer you a place to work out and seek advice on your own ideas. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time on the purchase of beading books, the hard-cover kind. Sometimes they’re way too expensive for the little info offered.

A web search for free patterns should produce many sites for beading projects. If you’re really good at “visualizing” then a search of hand-crafted jewelry pics will also provide a source for projects.

Donna asks…

Some creative ideas for jewelry using every day materials?

So far, I’ve used:

  • soda tabs
  • snapple lids
  • guitar piks

I’m looking for normal house-hold objects that can be beaded onto bracelets, earrings, or anklets.

BeadGal answers:

Buttons are always good. Why not try plastic drink caps as well?

Mandy asks…

Looking for ideas for the best ways to get nice beads and findings to make costume jewelry?

Trying to start up my own costume jewelry collection and wondering if anyone out there does this or knows anyone doing it and where they get their supplies if they do not actually make everything themselves.

BeadGal answers:

When I’m looking for beads and findings for my jewelry making business, I generally go to I started out making costume jewelry like yourself and it is a one stop shop for anything from making costume jewelry to setting faceted stones. They have beautiful plastic, glass, and semi-precious stone beads, and also every type of finding you could imagine. Good luck and have fun! I hope you love it as much as I do.

Mary asks…

Where can I sell my beaded Jewelry online?

I live in Arizona, I can’t get PayPal, I have no credit card, and I’m in debt.
I need money fast. If you have any ideas that can help me please let me know.

BeadGal answers:

Well, your could look at, but I think you might need a PayPal, or , get a deviant art account, and post pics on there, and make specifics for payment. If you do a deviant art account, it may take a while to get started in the beginning, but you could get your friends to buy, and tell their friends, and so one :)

Other than than, I would suggest doing local craft shows at churches, flea markets, etc. You could then accept cash and checks.

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