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Beading Q And A: Jewelry Making Kits (6/8/2011)

2011 June 8

Susan asks…

Where can I get cute jewelry kits?

with lots of beads, and colors..?

BeadGal answers:

Michael’s or Hobby Lobby have great jewelry kits especially their glass bead kits to make necklaces and bracelets and they are very affordable.

Laura asks…

Making Jewelry, HELP? (For Those Creative Gals)?

I want to start making jewelry. It wouldn’t be a huge franchise- just something I wanna wear. Do they have any bead kits at Joann’s or Target or anywhere like that? Thanks in advance.

BeadGal answers:

Yes JoAnn Fabrics has them but not Target.
I would also check out Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Their selection is probably a little better for more mature jewelry rather than JoAnn Fabrics. At least in the kits I have seen at JoAnn’s, they seem to be for the younger, younger beaders.
There are also a ton of websites for jewelry making and supplies out there. Here are my two favorite…
The second link I posted for jewelry supply are kits. I think kits are a great idea for individual projects when just getting started. They offer instruction to learn the techniques you will frequently use in jewelry making.
The first link I posted, I am not sure if they have kits but they probably do, also has a lot of reference material. Instructions, videos, and questions. Both sites are great for buying and instruction though!

If you start with a kit I would really suggest a kit for an individual project at a time instead of a kit with a bazillion different beads and no real instruction.

Good luck and Happy Beading…

Carol asks…

I am looking for jewelry supply bundles…where?

Hey guys I need some serious help. Here is the situation I know exactly what to buy for my partner, her favorite hobby is custom making jewelry. So what I want to do is buy like a huge $100-180 bundle of just all of these different assortment of beads, chains, earrings, charms and everything else one would make with these supplies. But I really don’t know where to look for it…or more importantly how. I mean I know there is ebay, etsy, amazon and all these websites but they have finished product. I don’t want that I am looking for supplies for people who MAKE jewelry. She has a jewelers kit already. I know this would blow her mind so please help me. Where can I find a ton of bundles and how can I find it?

BeadGal answers:

I don’t have personal experience with them but how about

Sandy asks…

Any good sites for Jewelry Making?

I am new to jewelry making, and I am looking for some helpful sites or tips to help me get started. I am not really into beading, more like chains, pendants and charms. I have already bought some chains, charms, a 7 piece tool-kit, findings, clasps and a few beads to add in contrast. I just have no idea where to start or how to add things onto the rope chain I bought. All the magazines I have seen are like 7.99 and only have ideas for crafts, I actually need step by step how to start a craft and how to add things onto chain. So if anyone has some good ideas or knows any sites I’d really appreciate it!

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