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Beading Q And A: Buying and Selling Swarovski Crystals (6/10/2011)

2011 June 10

Sandra asks…

Swarovski rhinestone/ crystal beads in Singapore?

Hi all, I am trying to find those swarovski rhinestone/ crystal beads which are used to decorate hand phones and accessories. May I know where can I find them in Singapore and how much do they cost? Also, what type of glue should i use? i heard that there’s different type of glues for different materials. (like glue for metal and plastic are different) Is true? Thank you.

BeadGal answers:

Swarovski Singapore Trading Pte. Ltd.
2 Alexandra Road, No 03 – 01 Delta House
Tel.: +65/6/273 0707, Fax: +65/6/274 8177

There being different types of strass beads, the method used to glue them varies. The material on which they are glued also matters.
Recommendations from Swarovski ® concerning these beads are that you use an iron at 338F, lightly pressing from the underside of the fabric.

Linda asks…

How can I be a Swarovski crystal bead distributor?

I would like to sell swarovski beads, rondelles and other items from Swarovski necessary for making necklaces and bracelets. Any idea as to how I can be a distributor with buying at wholesale prices?

BeadGal answers:

Have you tried

Also, most places will require your resale tax id number before giving you a wholesale price list.

Laura asks…

Where can I find CHEAP swarovski crystal beads and hotfix rhinestones?

I know I can find them cheaper than ebay. The ebay people buy them somewhere at a better price… thanks for letting me know.

BeadGal answers:

Try best buy… They have the kind that you use to decorate your cell phone, and that is the cheapest place I have been able to find them… Target has them for like, $9.00, but best buys are the same quality, at about $4.00

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