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Beading Q And A: Bead Stitching Patterns (6/3/2011)

2011 June 3

Ruth asks…

Does anyone have a good Website where I can find beading patterns for peyote stitch?

BeadGal answers:

Try You can search the patterns by stitch type. They have tons of patterns with some patterns free. When you purchase patterns, they have a pay and print option for most of them, so you don’t have to wait to get your pattern in the mail!

Carol asks…

free seed beading patterns and tutorials for left handed people?

Other than yahoo groups are there any other free patterns and tutorials for left handed people for beading? I am a new beader.  I have isp so I can’t see shockwave tutorials. Looking for well illustrated patterns, tutorials on stitches and very easy to follow patterns. There are very few GOOD sites for lefties with the above qualifications. Any lefties out there that has some free advice, stitch tutorials, and patterns for us new seed beaders? Also it is hard for me to see anything smaller than a size 11 seed bead and it’s hard to do that. Really good at size 6 to 10 but can work 11’s. Help me please.

BeadGal answers:

There is a Yahoo Group called “BeadChat For Lefties”.

Here’s a collection of left-handed beading instructions and patterns, too:

Mandy asks…

Peyote stitch patterns?

Do any of you have or know of a website where I can find peyote stitch bracelet and necklace patterns/instructions/ideas? I recently got into beading and am loving it and rather than trying basic one color bracelets, I want to try mixing colors and patterns and shapes etc.

Also, can anyone provide me with some tips on how to attach clasps? What I’ve been doing is stitching one end of the bracelet to the other because I’ve been hesitant about adding clasps but I want to try using spacer beads and whatnot too.

Advice/ideas/help is much appreciated, thanks!

BeadGal answers:

Several sites came up by putting in peyote stitch patterns, most were for beading. Again, is a great site for patterns and you can search for just peyote patterns.

For the clasp, if the sites on beading don’t have instructions, try instructions for beaded bracelets and it should give you what you need. Most patterns have specific instructions on how to put a on clasp on each particular bracelet.

You can also check in the back of many beading magazines – they have basic jewelry finishing techniques.

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