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Beading Q And A: Beading Ideas (6/17/2011)

2011 June 17

Laura asks…

Easy beading patterns?

Bead Pattern ExampleMy sister and I do a lot of simple beading. We would like to get a little more complicated with patterns for jewelry. My sister is just a beginner so for her I would like easy patterns. I would like patterns I can understand and  beading vocabulary, actual meanings of the weave or whatever. Any sites like that?

BeadGal answers:

I would suggest – they have many beading patterns to get you started and more complicated ones as you progress.

Mary asks…

Need ideas for a craft show!?

A friend and I went together in getting a couple tables at a craft show. We need ideas on what to put in it. We need help with patterns and ideas. We are good at bead weaving and other stuff. Can you help us????

BeadGal answers:

How about making badge necklaces out of fancy beads. You know, those cool necklaces that many workers and professionals wear to hold their badge. Many of them would love to have something unique – or several unique ones.

Jenny asks…

How to make a twisted beaded necklace?

I want to make a necklace that has 6 or more beaded strands and then they are twisted and woven around each other. Do you know where I can find free pattern/instruction for one?

BeadGal answers:

This site has the instructions for a choker, but it will give you the basic idea and you can adjust it to whatever size you need.


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