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Beading Q And A: Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns (6/27/2011)

2011 June 27

Nancy asks…

What are some patterns for seed bead bracelets ?


BeadGal answers:

Some common seed bead stitch names are peyote (odd and even count), right angle weave, netting, etc. What you do with those stitches are endless. Once you have the basic stitch down, you can get more and more elaborate. There are a couple of free online catalogs and some places that have patterns for free or purchase. My favorite is

Laura asks…

Seed Bead Pattern Program?

Does anyone know of a computer program that will make photos into seed bead patterns?

BeadGal answers:

Try these:

Donna asks…

Seed Bead Bracelet Pattern Assistance. Please Help!?

I have been looking for several days for a seed bead bracelet pattern, nothing fancy, just one like this I have only been able to find complicated ones. I would like to be able to make my own, I know you can buy bracelets like this, but I want the pattern to do it myself!! And to be able to do different letters and all that. When I was young I used to make animals that I think use the same basic concept.
If you could help out with a good link for a pattern, or if you have your own instructions, I would really appreciate it!

BeadGal answers:

It looks like it is flat Peyote stitch work. Look on line for instructions. It will seem difficult at first but will work out. It might be easier to start out with by making a simple loom to work off of. There is lots of patterns for looms online.

But check to see if they have instructions for letters available, then you could see if you can draw your own using one of these bead pattern programs:

Helen asks…

How to make a seed bead bracelet?

I went to a craft fair today and saw these beautiful beaded bracelets which the lady told me were basic seed bead bracelet patterns.

Can anyone tell me how to make one – Ii just want to use these really pretty pink beads I found) ? Or send me the link to a website that has easy instructions? I haven’t done much beading but thought it might be a fun crafty idea to try.

BeadGal answers:

Peyote stitch would be a good one to use. So if you don’t want a “pattern” any peyote primer would give you the basics.

The latest copy of Bead and Button magazine would have the basic technique, as would the latest issue of nearly any beading publication. You might also check your local library for books that may include peyote. There are also videos available on youtube that teach this stitch.

You may also do it in vertical brick stitch which may be easier depending on your skill level, but it won’t offer as fluid a piece. Brick stitch tends to work up a bit stiffer and I would think for a bracelet you really want the fluidity of peyote.

Happy beading!

Mary asks…

Seed beaders help wanted? I know it’s weird, but I need a seed bead moose pattern?

OK, so it’s my friends b-day coming up. She loves mooses. I don’t mean like nature-ish, I mean her favorite animal is the moose. I know its really weird, but I need a pattern for a moose. I DON’T MEAN THE KIND WITH THE SQUARE AND A MOOSE + SCENERY, I mean a moose animal. Don’t tell me to go buy a book/buy one. If possible, either type up the pattern on here, or save yourself some time and gimme the web site!

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