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Beading Q And A: Stringing Materials (5/20/2011)

2011 May 20

Donna asks…

What stringing material should I use for amber?

Everything I’ve read says silk – can I use monofilament or Fireline without it damaging the beads?

BeadGal answers:

I don’t see why either of those would not work, but you might also consider some coated beading wire (necklace wire). If the beads or pieces aren’t really heavy, you could probably use a pretty light gauge.

Or, if the holes are large enough, maybe something like the rattail cord or even some leather, if you want a different look.

You might try posting your question to a beader’s website, such as Beader’s Showcase ( or Beading ( and see what some of the “experts” have to say.

Good luck! Amber is so pretty!

Linda asks…

Is there a material that looks like leather but is more durable to use to string a necklace on?

I made a necklace for my brother 2.5 years ago, using beads strung on leather cord. Unfortunately, the leather keeps breaking and I’ve had to restring it for him twice. Is there something that will look the same but last longer?

BeadGal answers:

I think there is faux leather cording (maybe vinyl?) that comes textured or plain. Have you checked at craft stores, and maybe a bead store if you have one around (they’d definitely be online in various places)

To have them it like that though, I assume you’re using the suede kind of leather cording?

Or perhaps the beads you used are too rough inside and are actually sawing through the leather over time, particularly if he wears it sleeping, showering, or all the time. If that’s the case, you can try smoothing the bead holes with a round file or even sandpaper to help with that.

You might want to check out some of these sites and pages for cordings and some explanations of types:

(… Click on CORDINGS…)
You might want to check out the Rubbery Cordings like Buna on that page too, even the “duck decoy” cording… They are quite acceptable to males.


Mandy asks…

Where can i find the elastic string ONLINE used for pony beads? It’s a stretchy string like material?

I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it anywhere. I’m in to raving and wanted to make some bracelets. But i can’t find the string online

-The string is in green packaging. Its a light green neon.

BeadGal answers:

Every craft store I have ever been in carries elastic for stringing beads.
In fact I bought some at Walmart last holiday season for my grand kids for a crafting project they were doing with homemade beads.
Any store that carries the beads will carry the supplies to string them.
Also have you tried fabric shops? They carry thin elastic used in making baby clothes and this would also work.

Ruth asks…

Which one of these do i buy to make friendship bracelets?

BeadGal answers:

None – you use embroidery floss –

Or, knitting yarn –

You might want to visit and review the videos and turorials before making a purchase.

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