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Beading Q And A: Semi-Precious Beads (5/13/2011)

2011 May 13

Nancy asks…

How do you drill holes in semi precious gemstone chip beads?

BeadGal answers:

You need to know the hardness rating of the stone before you can choose a bit that will drill a clean hole. Some stones are too soft to drill easily and will shatter. Others are very hard and you need a diamond bit to drill a clean hole. You also need to consider the heat that will be generated from the drill bit.

Lisa asks…

What do you think of glass beads and semi-precious beaded jewelry?

and bamboo bangle bracelets and silver bangles and and hemp necklaces…..

BeadGal answers:

I love them! I love making and wearing them! They’re such a versatile art form!
The kind of person that wears them are those who are not afraid to be what they really want, not afraid to be different. In short they are creative! Creative people live out loud!

Mandy asks…

Could anyone suggest a bead wholesaler, preferably in UK, for precious, semi precious, glass & crystal beads?

Thank you!

BeadGal answers:

It’s not UK, but I know they ship internationally and are a very reliable site. I use Fire Mountain Gems (yep, they’re at and have never been disappointed. They have all those things you mentioned, and an interesting pricing scale, too. They’re a wholesaler, but will sell retail. Their wholesale prices depend on how you order. If you order a total of 1-14 items, you pay retail. If you order 15-49 items, you get a better price per item. If you have 50-199 items in your order, the price per item gets even better. Over 200 items total in your order gets you the best price they have. Go have a look. If you order stuff all at once, the shipping will be much more reasonable per item, as well.

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