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Beading Q And A: Seed Bead Stitching (5/2/2011)

2011 May 2

Susan asks…

Seed Beading Question-Brick Stitch?

How do you keep the brick stitch from turning into a triangle?
~Thank you!~

BeadGal answers:

You need to add an extra bead at the start of each row.  Pick up 2 beads then go through the thread in the first gap.

You’ll see the edges of your work will not be a straight line, but will go half a bead in, then half a bead out for the second line.

To make the triangle shape, you would pick up 2 beads, then go through the second gap. Or another method to make the triangle is to pick up only one bead.

Sharon asks…

Help with a bead project?

I am trying to create a Barrette Center circle with seed beads. The directions say that I need to work 9 rounds of circular square stitch. What does that mean??

BeadGal answers:

This means to bead in a circle using the square stitch which is the same as a off loom stitch. Then you need to do 9 rows. You will end up with 18 rows if you do it right because 1 row (round) is two beads high.

Here is a link to a tutorial.
Http:// This link has excellent photos of step by step. Make sure you scroll down, the beginning is Square stitch basic, then the variations come as you go down . Circular is there. Good luck, don’t give up.

Donna asks…

Cheap Japanese Seed Beads? Where Are They?

The Cost Of Seed Beads Is Really getting HIGH! The Cost Runs $2.00-3.00 A 30 Gram Tube. (czech seed beads are not uniform and are hard to work with in loom work and peyote stitch)… Can Anyone Give me some sources For Matsuno, Mykui Size 11/0?? I already know about “Out On A Whim and U Bead IT Sacramento.” ANY help would be great! I love to bead but the cost is getting crazy!!

BeadGal answers:

I purchase from Brightlings Beads all the time. I’ve never purchased seed beads, but I am super pleased with their service and quality for other beads and findings. Plus I get weekly coupons in my email, so that really helps keep the cost down:

Also try:
Fusion Beads and Artbeads – again, great quality, super service and free shipping

Mandy asks…

Hi, I plan to learn Peyote stitch (even count flat stitch). What size of needle & thread type can I use?

Hi, I plan to learn Peyote stitch (even count flat stitch). What size of needle & thread type can I use? I have seed beads & I want to learn using them.
Thank you for time & response.

BeadGal answers:

It is according to what size seed beads you are using, but a#10 or #12 needle should work for most seed beads. A #12 is thinner and more flexible. I usually bead stitch with Fireline, using 6# or 8#, again which is fine for most seed beads. 6# is thinner.

Here’s a good guide to selecting your needle and thread according to what size seed beads you have:

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