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Beading Q And A: Miscellaneous Beading Topics (5/9/2011)

2011 May 9

Carol asks…

Where can I learn how to do metal clay Jewelry?

Well I have been interested in learning how to do different kinds of jewelry and I was wondering if anyone knew a site I can learn how to work with metal clay for free and can explain what kind of material I need to work with it.

Also Is there another site that can show you how to bead weave?

BeadGal answers:

If you’re looking for metal clays like Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay Silver which must be fired in a low-temp kiln (and some with a torch), you can find info on those clays, groups and forums, etc, on this  site:

Our Guide to Beadwork website has a free basic beadweaving book online:,pid,26-guide-to-beadwork-book.php

After you learn those basics, this is a great site for learning more and getting designs and patterns:

Sharon asks…

What are those cool necklaces made of twine with beads woven in that they sell at fairs called and – how to make them?

BeadGal answers:

I think your talking about the hemp necklaces. Go to a arts and crafts store and buy a kit or..go online and find a kit. There are some stores in malls that sell the beads and hemp or other materials for such cool necklaces.

Susan asks…

What should I call my jewelry business?

I’m starting up my own business – designing and making pieces of jewelry. I’ve already found a shop that will stock my jewelry, but want to put a business card in with each item sold (also might expand onto the internet, depending on how popular my designs prove to be). I’m trying to think of a name for my business, but can’t think of any catchy or memorable names. I need something that incorporates ‘beads’ or ‘beaded’ or ‘beading’ in the title, as most of the items I’m selling are made out of tiny beads woven together.  Can you think of a good name for my business ?

BeadGal answers:

How about one of these, mixing the theme of jewelry and Bead = be + word beginning with D 😉

Bead Dazzling
Bead Delicious
Bead Delightful
Bead Divine

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