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Beading Q And A: Making Beaded Jewelry (5/16/2011)

2011 May 16

Linda asks…

Making beaded jewelry?

I want to start making and selling beaded jewelry. What are all of the supplies that I will need and where can I sell it without having to pay. How much should I sell it for? Thanks in advance :)

BeadGal answers:

8season-supplies will be a best place for beaded jewelry making. Their products have good quality and unbeatable factory price. Here is their link i have got it from their booklet wrapped in my parcel. ~~ It is so cooool. Http://

You can sell your projects on ETSY. Http://

Laura asks…

how can i make some serious money from making and selling fashion, beaded jewelry?

i have been making beaded jewelry for 6 months now, i want to sell them but i don’t know how. what is the best way to sell this kind of beaded jewelry and make some serious money from it? please help!

BeadGal answers:

Don’t quit your day job. It’s really hard to support yourself doing crafts. I suggest you try getting yourself into some craft shows. See how it goes.

Sandra asks…

making your own beaded jewelry???

I use to make beaded jewelry all the time…and I really want to start back up (I quit after all my stuff was stolen because the stuff I had was expensive) anyways, I really want to start getting all the stuff again from hobby lobby or whatever… when I use to do it though… I never really learned how to do the getting a clasp on and then making it to where it wont fall apart….is there any websites or anything that shows you and has easy or step by step directions??? thanks

BeadGal answers:

If you are using wire and crimp beads the knotting isn’t necessary. Knots have always been a problematic area for me as well.

I found this animated knot tying tutorial on youtube

If you are in need of supplies to start beading again check out

Good Luck!

Sharon asks…

Any information about making beaded jewelry?

BeadGal answers:

Hello, and welcome to your new addiction! Best bet is to contact any local bead shops,and inquire about bead classes. They have classes for beginners and advanced. After you decide which direction you want to go in, your next step is to get the best supplies at the most reasonable prices. There are several jewelry supply houses,but the one I like is Rio Grande. 1-800-545-6566. Call them, and ask them to send a catalog. It’s free by phone. If you order on line, they will charge $10.00,and give you $10.00 off your first order. Bead shops are the most expensive way to go, but they are good for classes, and info. A couple of great beading magazines to look for are Bead & Button, and Beadwork.

Mary asks…

looking for gold beads for jewelry making?

Does anyone know of a site where I can buy gold beads for jewelry making. I only seem to find sterling and gold filled, but I want actual 10kt or 14kt gold beads of all shapes. If you know of a site please direct me. Thanks in advance for any help.

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