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Beading Q And A: Bead Weaving (5/30/2011)

2011 May 30

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know any instructions on beadweaving?

Once i got this kit for Christmas my Dog Lala tore up the instructions. I looked all over online but i found no results.

BeadGal answers:


Sandra asks…

Is there a good software/program for Mac that will allow me to create beadweaving patterns?

I would like to download this one, but it’s only available for Windows:

BeadGal answers:

Bead Tool is available for Mac:

Lizzie asks…

I want to learn how to beadweave and don’t know where to begin?

I want to start beadweaving and don’t know where to begin. I have an old loom a family member gave me. but, I need help. If anyone could help me with the supplies list I need and sites that could help me out that would be great, thanks a bunch!

BeadGal answers:

Here are some good starting points. All of these sites show basic techniques and give supply information, especially the Illinois State Museum site.
If you’re more comfortable with that approach, you can also search ‘YouTube’ for videos.
Good luck!

Ruth asks…

I need a beadweaving tractor pattern and fast!?

I need a tractor pattern for bead weaving. My nephew’s birthday is soon and he want his Auntie to make him a tractor in bead weaving. HELP i don’t have one so I need a pattern for one and fast. It needs to be in the basic colors:. Blue,, black, red, orange, yellow, green, dk green, white, and brown that’s all the bead i have. SO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME ON THIS. Thanks! (i need it fast)

BeadGal answers:

Here’s one with a tractor and more:

You can easily change the colors – and just repeat the tractor over and over if you don’t like the rest.

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