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Swarovski Crystal 2011/2012 Spring Collection (4/6/2011)

2011 April 6

There’s just nothing better than new Swarovski crystals! New shapes, new colors – maybe your bead store already has some of these in stock!

New Swarovski Colors and Effects

This is a new effect called Amethyst Blend. The purple color fades to a light amethyst color within the crystal. The gradient direction does not seem to be fixed for each shape, so it looks very fluid and organic.
Chrysolite Opal is a pretty light green. The translucent soft green crystals will work great in romantic spring pieces as well as cool summer pieces.
This great new metallic color is Crystal Bronze Shade. It would be great as a neutral color to add to many projects – I’m thinking Steampunk, too.
Here’s another blend color: Topaz Blend. It has a very rich look and will be great to add with copper or gold findings.
What a great romantic color for pearls. It’s Crystal Vintage Gold pearls. This will be great to add to filigree – especially Vintaj – for a classic Victorian look.

New Swarovski Bead Shapes

The BeCharmed Briolette bead 5940, another big hole bead, a Briolette cut, officially.
This is BeCharmed Helix bead 5290. Swarovski beads with big holes and stainless steel centers, which should fit on Pandora bracelets and other similar products.
This is the Stairway Bead 5624. It’s supposed to resemble a stairway to a stage, but it’s sort of like a half cube. I’ve already used one of these in a ring.
This is a Star Flatback (2816). Talk about your bling!

New Swarovski Pendants

This is the Crazy 4 U Heart pendant (6260). I like the number and direction of cuts in this crystal.
Here is the Devoted 2 U Heart pendant (6261). It’s modern looking, assymmetrical and I think it’s cool.
The Forever 1 Heart (6263) has a matte line down the middle that makes it looks like a broken heart, but it’s supposed to resemble two hearts glued together.
The Miss You Heart (6262) would be great to hang on just a ribbon, silk cord or chain.
The Truly in Love Heart (6264) is really cute. This would be good for a younger person or in a simple design.
Organic Cosmic Triangle (4736) would also be great to hang on just a ribbon, silk cord or chain.

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