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Beading Q And A: Beading Thread (4/27/2011)

2011 April 27

Laura asks…

How do you add thread to a beading project?

I just started beading (it’s really simple stuff so far – little more than one strand of thread). I oftentimes run out of thread in the middle of my project and am at a loss at what to do. Do I just tie two threads together? Please help!! Thanks :)

BeadGal answers:

Do not let your thread run too short. Instead leave a length of thread of 3 inches. I pass in through 5/ beads working backwards. I slip the needle to the back then knot it

Donna asks…

What is a good beading “thread” that’s inexpensive?

I’m looking for a good value beading thread, type, not really brand. It will be used for bookmarks, jewelery and lampshade fringe. It will need to be thin to go through the small glass beads. I was thinking Soft Flex FINE Gauge

Would this work? Any other ideas?


BeadGal answers:

I would not use this for the bookmarks and lampshade fringe, wire would be too stiff and and you won’t get that “swingy” effect.

Maybe for jewelry depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

You should be able to find inexpensive fishing line at Kmart, Walmart and maybe Target. This is a good option because it is very strong, fine enough to pass through small beads, will last a long time, and is easy to work with for this application. Wire is very hard to work with and unless you are very good with it, it tends to look stiff, awkward and like it’s just not laying properly.

For bookmarks, I was not sure what you were trying to do exactly. The Goodybeads website had forms that you buy and bead. The best materials for this are inexpensive nylon fabric spool ribbon (the one that looks satiny). I’ve used 1/16″ inch spool ribbon for a number of beading projects, it may even come in 1/32″ or 1/64″ – Walmart and Kmart carry this on sale like 2 or 3 spools for a $1. You could also string beads on fishing line or embroidery floss (leave several strands of the floss together if you can for added durability). You can use either ribbons, strung beads, or a combo. Just gather up a few (I like to mix mine up) and slide them through the hole, then secure with a knot.

Maria asks…

Which knot is best for tying a beaded braclet to a toggle clasp with beading thread?

BeadGal answers:

Surgeon’s knots work well, also.

Most of the beading sites will have a FAQ section that will include instructions for making this knot.

Nancy asks…

Can you please tell me which is the best beading wire/thread for making fresh water pearl necklaces?

I dont like a stiff look, I need something durable and strong!

BeadGal answers:

Silk is considered one the best. Nylon is also good. But there are some new materials available that beaders have been experimenting with.

Check out this page on It discusses several types of thread.

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