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Beading Q And A: Semi-Precious Beads (4/22/2011)

2011 April 22

Sharon asks…

Semi Precious Gemstone beads 10mm with 2mm or larger holes?

I need carved gemstone or semi-precious beads of 10mm or larger that have holes of 2mm and are economical. A couple dollars a strand would be great. Can anyone help?

BeadGal answers:

If you are looking to buy beads here is a site that sells beads

Donna asks…

Wheres a good website to buy semi-precious beads?

I’m looking for higher end semi-precious– precious gemstone beads at good prices… Examples are, prehnite, topazes, lemon quartz, sleeping beauty turquoise.. Preferable shapes like briolettes and faceted teardrops.. I’ve tried firemountain gems already their selection isn’t big for these and I’m not sure if they offer good prices for them…

BeadGal answers:

Linda asks…

Where can I buy beads, semi precious stones and cheap watches?

I wanted to make bracelets, watches, necklace using beads and semi precious stones. Where do you think can I buy those?

BeadGal answers:

Not sure where you live, but in downtown LA in the garment district and the jewelry district they have exactly what you’re looking for all over the place, and cheap as hell. My gf and i go there every now and there, she makes necklaces.

Carol asks…

Where is a good place to buy semi precious gemstone beads that are well priced?

I’ve looked on places like ebay and etsy but i’m unsure about reasonable pricing.

BeadGal answers:

This site will give you an idea of what to expect gemstones (and gemstone beads) to cost:

Lizzie asks…

Whats the Best Place to Get Semi Precious Beads Online?

For Use In making jewelry.

BeadGal answers:

There had been questions that had been asks about cheap beads. When I checked it out I found this site
Just now I checked cheap beads and there are too many listed on Google for me to give to you and I really don’t know your finances or just exactly what you are looking for so my suggestion would be for you to list cheap beads in your search and hopefully you will find what you want. Hope this helps.

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