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What is Steampunk Jewelry? Part 2 (3/16/2011)

2011 March 16

In part one, we talked about how steampunk got it’s name and the industrial elements that go into creating steampunk jewelry. Now, we’ll talk about adding the Victorian softness, color and style.

You’ll want to soften it up Victorian style. Whenever integrating beads within your designs, you should consider pastels or perhaps even more uncommon colors. Ivory, cranberry, amber and olive were common colors during the Victorian Age. You should not choose vibrant or daring main colors in large amounts if you should make use of them in any way. Consider the soft qualities of the period. Next include some black for contrast. This will simulate the distinction between the industrial age and the Victorian age. Pearl, filigree and glass in delicate patterns, tones and shades should be included. The Victorian fashion is filled with blossoms, flowers, petals and leaves, along with other organic components like animals, birds and insects.

Pieces of past roadmaps, money, tintypes and pictures of products associated with the time work very well. Capture these beneath glass, within lockets, on the back of watch faces or pendants. Consider crystal studded pave, filigree beads and elements, buttons, brass findings, chain, crystals and pendants to mention just a couple of items. Once you have your personal Steampunk eyeglasses on you start to observe a myriad of things you might want to utilize.

Why don’t we take things apart? Cogs, wheels, levers, valves, pistons, tubes, buckles, finials as well as any little components from luggage, health care equipment, telescopes and eyeglasses – take your pick. Raid your tool box or sewing kit. When working with found items in your work, you can find yourself restricted to what’s available. Therefore it’s your actual mixture of combined items which will allow it to be distinctive and intriguing.

You are able to capture a by-gone time yourself and it’s really not very difficult. After you have gotten your pliers dirty, you might want to stay some time in the past. In this high-tech, rapid moving world in which we live these days, it’s relaxing to be a part of the Steampunk revolution!

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