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Beading Q and A: Lampworking (3/18/2011)

2011 March 18

Maria asks…

What all do you need to start a hobby in lampworking and glass blowing?

BeadGal answers:

Propane torch system, kiln, mandrels, glass, goggles, fireproof surface, bead release….

Helen asks…

What is a good torch for lampworking?

My girlfriend loves glass, she is currently working with a hot-head running on mapp gas. I want to get her an upgrade, I would like to get her a torch that runs of oxygen and propane. What would give her the most variety of glass to work with? I don’t work with glass, so I don’t know what all is needed or what torch will work the best. Please only glass blowers/lampworkers.

BeadGal answers:

You are talking a considerable investment, but the one that would meet her needs for the long future would be a Major torch or equivalent. This is a surface mix torch with inner and outer flames that has very large range of adjustment to go from pinpoint work to large heating. The bad news is that the torch itself will cost $200-300 and you will need to have regulators and rent/buy the oxygen tank as well as the much cheaper propane regulator and tank (cheaper because of lower pressure.)
Take a look at or for further information and choices between the Hot Head and a Major.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know where to learn lampworking or bead making near Southampton in Hampshire?

I make my own jewellery and would really like to learn how to make glass beads, but I just can’t find a course!

BeadGal answers:

You may find something on this site. There is a forum where people advertise bead related classes.

I found the bead magazine site useful.

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by Julie Hunkar
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