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Beading Q and A: Bead Stitching (3/23/2011)

2011 March 23

Ruth asks…

What is the difference between Peyote stitch and Ndebele beading techniques?

BeadGal answers:

A Peyote stitch places the beads in a staggered pattern to form multiple triangles with the beads as seen here.

A Ndebele stitch places the beads in a straight row pattern to form multiple squares with the beads as seen here.

Jenny asks…

I am trying to make a thin hemp necklace, so I can use very small beads with very small holes, what technique?

Instead of using a base of two strings (flat weave) in the middle of the necklace that will only fit through big holes, is there an alternative stitch or technique to weave a thin hemp necklace that will work with small hole beads?

BeadGal answers:

I taught a hemp jewelry class while employed at AC Moore.  I started making hemp jewelry to sell. Every time I visited a craft store I found natural stone disks with very small holes that I wanted to use in a necklace. I found a thin (2mm) hemp, dark brown, that would go well with the stones. But I could string the stones only on one strand. Still used four strands, but when I came to a stone, I passed three of the strands behind the stone.

I wish I had taken a picture, but I gave it to someone as a gift. I can tell you though, that it turned out great and I plan on making more.

Helen asks…

What is the best off-loom bead-weaving thread?

I have a basic familiarity with stringing beads and would like to move on to off-loom weaving techniques (for example, peyote, herringbone, right-angle weave, brick stitch). My interest lies in seed beads.

So my goal is to figure out what I need to get started before I run out and buy things! What is the best off-loom bead-weaving thread for seed beads? I have read a little about silk threads, nylon threads like Nymo, Nylux, and C-lon, and other threads such as Fireline and Power Pro. Can anyone tell me a good thread to start with? Also, I would appreciate hearing where you purchase the thread that you recommend.

Thanks so much.

BeadGal answers:

I have been beading for about 2 years. I have tried Nymo, Silamide, C-lon, and Fireline. Fireline has become my personal favorite. I started with Nymo, but found that I could use only short lengths because it tended to fray after multiple passes through beads. Crystals have a tendency to cut it. The limitations of Fireline is that it is available in only smoke and crystal whereas Nymo is available in a myriad of colors. Fireline’s biggest advantages are that crystals will not cut it and it creates a firmer final result if tension is an issue for you. None of these threads are really expensive, so it would not be a strain on your wallet to try them all. I purchase all my thread at online, but you can also shop your local bead store, and sporting good stores have Fireline on large reels (125 yards) – try Dick’s, Wal-Mart, Gander Mountain – anyplace that have fishing supplies because it is fishing line.

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