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Beading Q And A: Miscellany (3/26/2011)

2011 March 26

Lisa asks…

Does a wheel-shaped piece of stone jewelry have religious connotations?

I own a small ring of semi-precious stone (it’s a mix of blue, white, and brown speckles) which I found at a bead store. But I’m curious–does it have any religious meaning? I don’t want to be ignorant of its value and meaning to others. I thought maybe it had Native American or Buddhist value but I don’t remember now.

BeadGal answers:

It may be of some value in the Hindu religion. You will have to find out what those colors are (which stone?) and then check what sorta luck the stone has for you. You can search that online.

Helen asks…

Take jewelry picture with digital camera cannon a590is?

i am going to get a new digital camera especially to take jewelry picture. i have a very cheap digital camera already but it is not good enough to take my semi precious stone jewelry and semi precious stone bead. so, i order the cannon a590is and it is on the way. i need some suggestion how to take a good picture with this digital camera
i use iso 80, f8, then find the balance so there is not much over expose, only a little underexpose, no flash, use macro, use a tiny table tripod, set delay 2 second, set white balance to tungsten ( i do not add additional light or milk gallon yet ), the jewelry come out sharp but not as pretty as i think. here is about 13pcs necklace pictures i have taken, check the link
and then view next, you can see all 13pcs of necklace i take.

i also take 2 metal beads picture here are the link and then view next, you will see the results are not too good.

i want to know if these are the best this camera can do without adding 2 lights to shine on and the milk gallon to soften the lights.
in my digital camera, there is a dial button for manual, and the other function in 4 way function key is macro. i know the macro is to set certain setting, and manual is also to set certain setting. i would like to know the different between manual on the the dial rotatary button, and the flower ( macro ) in the func set button.

BeadGal answers:

Use the macro mode.

Use a tripod.

Use the self timer feature set to 2 seconds. This will avoid camera shake when the picture is taken.

Learn to use exposure compensation to achieve the correct exposure. Since this is a simple point & shoot, you don’t have a manual mode which would have made life much easier doing shots like this.

Use aperture priority mode to achieve good depth of field. You want to use a large f-stop number, perhaps f/6.3 to f/8.

Most important is lighting. A plastic gallon milk jug and a couple shop lights works well. I like using two light sources. Set your camera white balance to incandescent (tungsten).

This web site shows interesting ideas regarding coin photography. Some of it is applicable to jewelry.

Laura asks…

Tools for Jewelry Making?

Exactly what tools are needed for Jewelry making?

I joined a local group of women who make their own custom jewelry using semi-precious stones and beads.

I am not sure what all I need to buy in order to make jewelry.

Can anyone tell me exactly what it is that I need?

BeadGal answers:

At the very least, you need wire cutters, crimping pliers, round nose pliers and chain nose pliers. Here is a great guide to getting started with bead stringing:

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