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Beading Q and A: Bead Stitching (3/11/2011)

2011 March 11

Donald asks…

Is bead stitching really that intricate to finish?

I heard it takes hours or even days to complete, depending on the project, for ex: a beaded necklace backed with fabric , the stiff fabric was used to sew the beads on…

BeadGal answers:

I have done beadwork on garments. It is a slow process because you sew on very few beads per stitch (usually 1-4). Therefore it takes a while. When you are trying to duplicate a design it required more precision than something like just sewing on one type of beads in a random pattern. So yes, it can take hours or even weeks.

Betty asks…

What stringing material Should I Use?

I am interested in Japanese beadweaving techniques and want to make those cute 3D mascots/characters out of primarily 3mm and 4mm Swarovski crystals and seed beads.

However, I don’t know what type of stringing material to use. I am a beginner and am just new in exploring my way into the world of Japanese beading! I don’t want to work with visible white thread, but I’m afraid that clear monofilament illusion cord might snap. If you have experience, please help me!

BeadGal answers:

I have made these before. I would suggest Fireline, either 6# or 8# test. You can buy this at beading stores, sporting good stores and retailers like Wal-Mart. It is fishing line. The biggest problem with the illusion cord is that it stretches… It rarely breaks but because of the stretch it is difficult to give it a good finishing end.

You can get Fireline in smoke or clear, and one or the other will usually disappear into your beadwork – match it to your colors.

Sandra asks…

What kind of material is best for bead peyote stitch?

In photos of some beading magazines I saw that people are using some kind of thread for bead peyote patterns. What do people use for making peyote stitches? Is it just plain thread or some kind of special?

I was wondering if I could use something different, Is it possible make peyote stitches wjth fishing line?

BeadGal answers:

Hi – What you are seeing is beading thread. There are numerous brands on the market. – Nymo, C-lon, s-lon. They were probably using a size D thread with a size 12 or 13 needle. Most beading threads are made of synthetic yarns. You should wax them though. Another time of “thread” to use is Fireline – personally I like this the best. It’s actually fishing line, but it doesn’t fray the same as thread. I usually us a 6 or 8 lb test strength.

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