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Beading Q and A: Peyote Stitch (3/21/2011)

2011 March 21

Mary asks…

Where can I find horizontally oriented, FREE peyote stitch alphabet patterns?

I am seeking free, assorted, horizontally oriented peyote stitch alphabet patterns. In other words, I am looking for graphed letters in various fonts from which I can created words on a bracelet.

Where might I find such a collection?

BeadGal answers:


Laura asks…

A good program for converting photos to peyote stitch patterns?

Does anybody know what programs are available for converting photos / images over to a single drop peyote pattern? Which ones are better, strengths / weaknesses? Thanks.

BeadGal answers:

Bead Tool ( is a program you can use to convert pictures to peyote as well as other stitches.  You can download and try out most of it’s functions for free and it costs $49.95 if you buy it.

Another program is the combo of Bead Patter Designer and Auto Bead at for $99.

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Can you make a Peyote Stitch with just craft lace?

I have two types of string.

This kind:

and this kind:

Can you make a peyote stitch with just lace or do you have to make it with beads. Please send me a link to show how to make one.

BeadGal answers:

I don’t know how you would, since peyote is really about the beads not the stringing material. The thread passes through the beads, not around the other threads, the only knots being to tie off.


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