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Beading Q and A: Finding Specific Beads (3/4/2011)

2011 March 4

George asks…

Does anyone know a site where I can get beads?

I need Relay For Life beads. Does anyone know where I can get some or a site I can order custom beads off of???
I would like some plastic beads not glass. They’re for a Relay For Life Fundraiser.  I need several colors as well as I would like to find some kind of bead with Relay For Life written on it.

BeadGal answers: is a good site. I didn’t search for exactly what you’re looking for, but I know they do have some awareness ribbon beads and charms. And they have free shipping with no minimum order.

Sharon asks…

I got my bracelet of African paper beads wet. What should I do?

I recently got a bracelet from Bead for Life with paper beads from Uganda. I got them wet while washing my hands! What should I do with the beads? They’re a little wet and sticky…

BeadGal answers:

Don’t touch them while they are wet. I’d place them on a counter and let them air dry and hope for the best.

Since they were made of papier mâché, which was wet at some point, you may be able to conserve them as long as you don’t touch them while they are wet, since this would distort the shape and any designs that are on the beads.

The stickiness you feel is the glue (or starch or wallpaper adhesive) used to bind the bits of paper. Since I answered this four hours after you posted it I’ll bet the beads are dry and solid now. Hope it survived, if not, you live you learn.

William asks…

Can I use the Pandora bracelet as a time-line and get the beads for those special occasions in your life?

BeadGal answers:

Yes, I have the necklace and that is an awesome idea. Instead of holidays and anniversaries, though, you could get them for trying new things, like sushi or skydiving or something.

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