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Think Spring – Color Trends for Spring 2011

2011 February 2

While we are in the midst of “the storm of the century”, buried in ice and snow, why not think about Spring colors? Pantone has a Spring 2011 color-trend chart:

Consider the stones you can use for these colors:

Honeysuckle and Silver Peony:  rhodochrosite, rhodonite, agates and jaspers.

Coral Rose, Russet and Silver Peony:  coral, fire opals, mookaite and tourmaline.

Beeswax and Russet:  amber, aragonite, calcite, rutilated quartz, and tigereye.

Peapod:  adventurine, bloodstone, malachite, moldavite, jaspers and agates.

Regatta and Blue Curacao:  amazonite, chrysocolla, gaspeite, topaz and turquoise.

Lavender:  amethyst, charoite, agates and jaspers.

Silver Cloud:  labradorite, moonstone, pearls and snowflake obsidian.

How can you work these colors into your bead stringing and beadweaving? What new things might you come up with if you select a color you haven’t tried before?

Several of these color will be great into summer, also:  Honeysuckle, Coral Rose, Blue Curacao and Regatta would be my choices for colors to wear in Spring and Summer.

I don’t know about you, but I feel warmer already just contemplating these bright colors and the fun Spring and Summer pieces I’m eager to get started on.

Julie Hunkar – Guide to Beadwork

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by Julie Hunkar
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